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Symptoms of Hemochromatosis

The most common complaint of hemochromatosis patients are jointpains. Other symptoms that often occur are: – Fatigue – Low energy levels – Belly aches – Lower sex drive – Heart problems However, due to the fact that the disease is most often discovered by coincidence, many people haven’t started any symptoms yet when the diagnosis…

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Morning gym: start cuddling!

How to stay healthy and fit? That is a big question for a lot of people! Well, the answer to that question can be simple: make sure you have someone to hug! 🙂 Start your morning routine with some hugging. According to an American professor, this appears to be the best form of morning gym.…

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Relaxation on a schedule

Everybody is talking about it these day: relaxing. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to go to a sauna or spa regularly. Luckily, you don’t always need to. Some creativity can go a long way in creating your own wellnesscenter in your own bathroom! Let us show you some relaxationrituals you can use to enjoy…

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