Morning gym: start cuddling!

How to stay healthy and fit? That is a big question for a lot of people! Well, the answer to that question can be simple: make sure you have someone to hug! 🙂

Start your morning routine with some hugging. According to an American professor, this appears to be the best form of morning gym.

Avoid stress

A cuddle in the morning

Photocredit: slightlywinded

know very few morning people, and even fewer who feel the need for heavy physical work in the morning. And well, for these people, this is a great solution! Feel the need for energy? Start hugging as soon as you open your eyes! Hugging kickstarts your heart, pumping your blood everywhere it needs to go. So stress and bad thoughts: be gone!

Improve your heart and breathing
Cuddling doesn’t only help us emotionally, but it also does wonders physically. Our heart and lungs are put to work, and even the liver is getting an extra boost.

Want to improve your performances?
Morning gym, and cuddling in particular, does have a beneficial effect on your body. Besides the fact that it improves our cholesterol and regulates blood pressure, it also boosts our performances. After a good hug, we are ready to go and our concentration improves, which has a positive effect on our jobs.

So, what are you waiting for? Start cuddling!

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