Relaxation on a schedule

Everybody is talking about it these day: relaxing.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to go to a sauna or spa regularly.

Luckily, you don’t always need to. Some creativity can go a long way in creating your own wellnesscenter in your own bathroom!

Let us show you some relaxationrituals you can use to enjoy some relaxation at home. Up to you to choose which one is your ultimate type of relaxation!


Because these days it always seems that nothing is ever finished on time, we will give you some ways to recharge yourself. These little investments in yourself will amount to big increase in available time.

You are free to choose which time you set for these little recharge-moments.

5-minute relaxation

Total relaxation within 5 minutes is of course impossible, but it does give you the opportunity to clear your head.

These tools give you a chance for a short relaxing session in 5 minutes, and they can of course be combined into your own relaxation plan.


Stimulate your senses with a facial steambath

Without the need to make a mess of your whole house, you can throw in a quick relaxation with a steambath for your face. Start by boiling a bit of water and add a few drops of lavender oil. This will make sure not only your body gets a boost, but it will give you a mental boost as well.

The heat will also stimulate your blood vessels, and open your pores. When you use a moisturizing lotion afterwards, your skin will be extra soft.


Take care of your feet

Tired feet is one of the worst discomforts to have. Even when you can sit down, you still feel the pain of your tired feet creeping up your legs.

So, a short footbath is no luxury, especialy not when you walk or stand a lot during the day. Although the idea of a hot foottub may sound nice, it is better to choose an invigorating cold tub. Add some olive oil to the water too. It will make sure you feet feel soft as silk!

Choose for pretty hands with strong nails

Is your work a burden for your hands and nails? In any case, well cared hands and nails are always nice to show.

Take a tub in which you hands fit. You can then nicely bath your hands with lukewarm water and a few drops of rosemary oil added. This will make your hands soft, and add a nice scent to them.


20-Minute relaxation

Have you decided to take some extra time for yourself, and want to get the max out of it? Then read these tips to make your skin glow again with these facial treatments.

To make tired and greyish skin glow again, it is best to start with an intensive cleanse. You can do this by starting with a mild scrub, and use a cleansing foamgel afterwards.

Even better: take a facial steambath, and use a facial mask afterwards. This will make sure your pores are open wide, and will make the active elements of the mask do their work even better. And if you add a few drops of lavender oil to the water, it will release you from stress too.

If you opt for an intensive cleansing, it is best to use a clay mask. This is especially well suited for a more greasy skin type, and makes sure your pores are thoroughly cleansed. Do take into account that these masks are not really suited for dry or sensitive skin, as they can be very demoisturizing. For dry or sensitive skin, it is best to go for a gel mask, a soft lotion, or a peel-off mask. And most of all: try to do nothing at all while you have the mask doing its job. You will feel reborn.

Afterwards, use a washing lotion to remove the last pieces of dirt and make-up of your face, so the moisturizing lotion you will use as the last step, can do it’s work of making your skin glow, extra good.


60-Minute relaxation

Do you want some real relaxation, and see all stress disappear like snow in the sun? Combine all tips from above with a fresh shower, alternating the water between hot and cold. Go for 1-3 minutes of nice and warm water, alternated with 10-30 seconds of cold water. This will make your blood circulate extra well, and will give your skin a serious boost.

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