Symptoms of Hemochromatosis

The most common complaint of hemochromatosis patients are jointpains. Other symptoms that often occur are:

– Fatigue

– Low energy levels

– Belly aches

– Lower sex drive

– Heart problems

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However, due to the fact that the disease is most often discovered by coincidence, many people haven’t started any symptoms yet when the diagnosis of hemochromatosis is given.
When the disease however is not diagnosed and treated in time, the excess iron will be offloaded from the blood into the body, and will lead to serious health issues, such as:

– Arthritis

– Liver diseases (enlarged liver, cirrosis, cancer, liver failure)

– Pancreatic damage

– Diabetes

– Cardiac rhythm disorders

– Erectile disorders

– Early menopauze

– Abnormal pigmentation of the skin (grey or bronze)

– Hypothyreoid

– Damaged glands

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